Monday, October 7, 2019

Student Performance in College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Student Performance in College - Essay Example Most people who were successful in high school will continue this trend into college; however this is not always the case. On the other hand, if a person was unsuccessful and failed in high school, there is a greater chance that person will display the same qualities and not succeed in a college setting. If a person is unable to manage time, study, and do well in a high school setting, it will be even harder for them too adapt to a much looser idea of college, and to succeed at that level. Another factor that influences how well a person will do in college is the background they come from. At the sake of stereotyping, a person who came from a better school and a better at home life will have a better chance of doing well in college. If a person always suffered from living in sub-par conditions and had problems at home, they may find the transition to being alone in a college a difficult one, and may find it hard to succeed. Also, if a person was "kept in a bubble" so to speak at home, or was very sheltered, they may find that they break out of this bubble at college. If this person succeeded previous to this, even in high school, once they find themselves without rules and supervision they may experience a huge outbreak of bad behaviors, and descend down a slippery slope of bad decisions. This is all due to never having exposure to those types of situations before, and this can happen to many people who were sheltered throughout their high school careers. Another factor to consider when thinking about how well a person will do in college is how the person works with other people. Some people may be great at school, but may have a hard time working with other people. In a college setting, there are many chances where you might not have a choice who you work with, and you may have to quickly learn how to work with someone you may not want to. If someone is not apt to work well with other people, they may find adjusting to this new harsh reality of college life frustrating, and may find it difficult to achieve well in this setting. Other people who may find it difficult to be successful in college are people who had previous bad behaviors, such as partying or drugs. People who fell into these bad habits in high school, or even earlier, may find an ever wider exposure to partying and bad decision making in college. Now trying to be cool and fit in with another group of people, these kids may commit more serious crimes and make even worse decisions that could possibly cost them their admissions into college, or even get them expelled from the college if they somehow are admitted. Teenagers who have these bad behaviors previous to college are likely to continue them, and may find it hard with more of those bad opportunities surrounding them in college to be able to achieve their true potential. Students who participated in a lot of extra activities in high school may also find the transition to college a difficult one. They may find that they cannot keep up with all the activities they did in high school, and that they may have to pick some of these to do well in college. Hopefully they will learn this sooner better than later, and can adjust and still be successful in a college setting. In conclusion, there are a myriad of reasons a student could be unsuccessful in college, but any student who is willing to work hard, put in the effort and time, and be willing to make

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