Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Me Myself and Irene essays

Me Myself and Irene essays The 4 criteria I used to judge the movie Me, Myself, Zellwigger. Both of those actors do an excellent job, but some of the best and most comedic acting comes from the wide range of supporting actors. Without a doubt, the funniest actors are the 3 black children of Jim Carreys character, Charlie. They express emotion incredibly believably. One scene is where one of the children, Shawntay, is working on a quantum-physics assignment as a high school student. He doesnt understand one of the questions and one of his brothers, Jamal, starts yelling at him, partly frightened that people will think that Shawntay is stupid if he doesnt understand completely what he is studying. It sounds absurd, but the actor completely gets that emotion across. When they start yelling at each other they show so much emotion that you forget that they are just actors and not just brothers. Jim Carrey probably does the best acting job out of all the cast members. Carrey, in a way, has to play two char acters during the movie. His characters name is Charlie Baileygates who is a schizophrenic state trooper. One personality is Charlie, a calm, cautious, nice guy who avoids confrontation. The other personality is Hank, a narcissistic, horny guy who is constantly getting into fights and losing, and looking for trouble. Carrey plays both parts to perfection. As usual, he does an excellent job with facial expressions to express what each character is feeling. He really shows his acting ability in the scene towards the end of the money where the two personality members are fighting each other. It is just unbelievable how well he makes it look like two different guys fighting each other. In that scene, one personality is supposed to pick up the other, knocked out, personality. Carrey instead of taking the jo...

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