Friday, October 18, 2019

Production and Marketing Department Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Production and Marketing Department - Assignment Example Through quality, the firm would be able to make more sales hence improving their scale of revenue. On the other hand, production department can lower operations cost by being efficient, creativity, good production and good management of resources in the organization. The two organs are in some way find it challenging to come to conscientious as to how they should operate. Production department usually try to find the best quality in order to meet their clients need as much as possible. How the customer expects the product or service to be like or perform is what drives them. Contrary, marketing department operates differently. Maximizing sales in the market in order to increase revenue to the firm is their major concern. Quality is never in their mind, and as long as they are making sales, they feel that they are doing the right thing. Specifications of the products also cause conflict among the two organs. Production section gives their specifications based on what they have produced and designed. With the marketing side aims at maximizing sales of the company, they always try to make specification appealing to the customers which may not always be the case. This becomes a challenge to the management since they need to close the gap to avoid it affecting reputation of the company. Perceived and actual quality should not have a huge gap between them. Marketing segment gives promises to the customers explaining how good and effective the product is. If it performs below the target, it always lays its finger in production unit for making them overstate the product’s performance, creating further conflict. In conclusion, organizations achievements are based on how they operate. It is important to have production and marketing department working together to avoid challenges explained above. If each unit does only its core role, conflicts are bound to arise.

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