Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Product design and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Product design and development - Essay Example Thus, they also provide us the knowledge of how this software developer's work together to create a technology that will satisfy the needs of the client inspite of the slow pace in the development of the products that they aspire to provide. Amongst all designs that I have come across with, IBM production process follows a specific, unique method that enhances the capability of their product to satisfy ones specific role in achieving their product goal. Briefly the following process involves. First, it has a multi perspective view regarding on how they would develop their software. Their main concerns on the primary stage of the software development was to discuss the particular issues at the research site used in this study. In the study the developers would premised on the observation which focus on the two main and common responses to the current difficulties with regards to creating the software the development organizations. These developers tries to achieve the following facts to: (1) establish and follow more formalized production methods for building software products and (2) use teams of software development specialists and the potential positive synergy that arises from their interactions (IBM, 2007). The second phase of the product process is the setting. Here the data and analysis are discussed on how to drawn the strengths and weakness of the product in the field study. U.S. software development site (named Heartland for the purpose of confidentiality) of Compuco creates subsystem software such as database products and languages (IBM, 2007). In this process, the products were sold as commercial packages, which often in combinations that can provide for integrated solutions. The packaged software is called as the commercial, shrink-wrapped, and commercial-off-the-shelf software. Third process is called, the production aspects. In the Heartland's software development organization, they exemplify the production perspective of the development of the software. The process follows a rigorous, well-defined software development method, which IBM based the structured analysis and design approaches from their standard, which they have been using for almost 20 years. The methodology of IBM both well known and heartily supported by their senior development managers, that provides a significant factor to the success of their product design and output. In this process, there is an extensive training at the core software development methodology and base techniques were provided to all developers. Part of this method is the personnel

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