Friday, October 4, 2019

Current and Future Development of Electric Train Essay

Current and Future Development of Electric Train - Essay Example The electric trains were easier to run and cleaner since they did not rely on coal as the source of power. The new electric train was mainly used in Boston, Chicago, and New York. The electric train was shown at an international trade exhibition in 1879 in Berlin (Feedburner 2007). It was long before the electric train was used to carry passengers. The main advantages of the electric train are that there is no pollution and less noise. The other advantages are that electrification results in higher performance, lower energy costs, and reduced maintenance costs. The electric trains are quite as compared to the diesel trains and thus they produce less mechanical noise. The electrical trains also move easily on the tracks thus contributing to the reduced maintenance costs of the tracks (Duffy and Michael 2003). The current state of electric trains in Japan has been one of the major countries which have played a big role in the history and the development of electric trains, especially i n the 20th and 21st century. It is the country which has pioneered railway technologies in the whole world. Currently, Japan has been able to build faster, more accurate and safer mass transportation systems earlier than any other country in the whole world. ...There has been the computerization of the equipment which is used for train traction systems. This has contributed to the improvement of reliability, simplification of maintenance and saving labor. Train management systems have been introduced and this has accelerated the management of information for the whole train system. Current electric trains use an induction motor as the main driving motor and improved AC for circuit semiconductor. The current train also uses VWF inverter as their main control unit. The achievements have promised and proved to be more reliable and cost-effective in the running of the electric train. The current electric train uses JRIS transmission system which has made it realize world standard transm ission protocol. Due to this fact, the current train has higher reliability system and also a higher speed. Today, there is the use of the air compressor unit and the air conditioning equipment which are both electronically controlled. The conditioning equipment particularly has been transformed into a cooling unit that is easily controlled in accordance with the preferred for every power supply. This has improved service quality and comfort to passengers on trains. The current speed of an electric train ranges from 200 to 581km/hr. The current train also uses the circuit simulator. This is an advancement of the microcomputer control features. The stimulator has improved the design verification technology. This advancement has been made as result of the former simulator having limited condition settings in terms of time and labor. There has also been the introduction of the high-speed processor which stimulates the main circuit and the load. The current stimulator uses the frequency of 50/60-Hz.

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