Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Transition from Applicant to New Employee Essay

The Transition from Applicant to New Employee - Essay Example This study highlights both the employee and employer struggle in the initial period of the recruitment process to make the transition as smooth as possible and shorten the learning curve. Organizations start this process as soon as they get an application against a vacancy. The interview process and the orientation for the new employee become the foundations of a lasting relationship. Successful organizations foster a learning environment in which employees get to build their skills and eventually become more productive with time. The employee entering the organization relies on the existing culture and workforce for guidance and deliverance. Employees adopt the values of the culture prevailing in the organization and will easily adapt to the new environment if they feel comfortable to it. Employees will also be more receptive of information if they feel attached to the work they are put to do. As the discussion stresses millions of students graduate every year form colleges and universities around the globe. Many of them could be in search of their first real job. The past twenty years of their life they have been cradled with support from friends, family, counsellors, instructors and the corporations that hold yearly seminars. After graduating from college, they may find themselves completely alone, standing in front of a tall building, thinking of which door is the entrance and which door is the exit. Confidence matters a lot as they go in for an entry test or start the interview process.

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