Saturday, September 7, 2019

Research paper/interview Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

/interview - Research Paper Example It was discovered that detention only works to make the delinquents even worse. This is because it brings many delinquent offenders together, and they are able to share ideas and express their bitterness towards the society. Bearing in mind all the findings, the paper went ahead to recommend some alternatives to juvenile detention, such as one-on-one counselling and community service. The juvenile justice system refers to the correction mechanism used to handle offenders below the age of eighteen. In other words, it is the way the state deal with young criminals. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, young criminals were treated the same way as adult criminals. There were no special ways in which the criminal justice system dealt with young offenders. All criminals, whether young or adult were considered the same, and they were subjected to the same criminal justice system. There were no juvenile courts nor juvenile prisons. However, as time went by, the society realized that young offenders were special in a way. The reasons they ventured into crime were not the same reasons why adult criminals engaged in crime. The society, and the criminal justice system to be exact, started to find for ways through which the young offenders could be handled more efficiently and according to their special needs (Ramirez, Nd, p. 1). That is how the juvenile justice system came into being. However, one thing that did not change was the correction mechanisms. Up to date, delinquent criminals are still imprisoned, which is the major correction mechanism in the general criminal justice system. Unfortunately, detention (commonly referred to as imprisonment) has proved to do the young offenders, and the society at large, more harm than good (Leyritania, Nd, p. 1). Juvenile detention has proved to make young offenders worse. There are high chances that a detained juvenile will come out of the detention even more encouraged to commit crime. Detention therefore,

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