Friday, September 13, 2019

FINLAND ENERGY POLICY Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

FINLAND ENERGY POLICY - Term Paper Example The ministry has been capable of establishing and exceptional versatile and decentralized energy system; they are based on both small and large energy production plants and a variety of energy sources. Finland itself has been capable of developing a strong energy technology or the energy cluster and it has grown in importance. The country has been in the forefront in the decreasing unnecessary regulation and therefore it has created preconditions for the greater efficacy and internationalization among the Finland’s energy companies (Ministry of Employment and the Economy, 2011). The Finland energy policy is based on three fundamentals: environment, economy and energy. The core elements of the policy are to secure the energy supply, develop competitive prices, and to meet the European Union common Energy and Climate goals. Another important principle is the integration of the environmental goals, other types of sustainable developments with the economy of energy. It is imperative to note that at each stage of the programme, the prospective price, the availability of the imported energy, and the larger frequency in which the decisions are made at the international level affect the energy policy (Ministry of Employment and the Economy, 2011). The energy policy of Finland is implemented in regard to the drawn-up energy policy documents like the objectives that have been set in the governmental negotiations and the Government’s Energy Policy Programme. There are factors that underpin the realization of the Finland energy policy and they are special programmes such as the National Climate and Energy Strategy and the international commitments. The energy policy was adopted in 2008 and it is determined by the National Climate and Energy Strategy and its additional programmes. The drafting of the Climate and Energy Strategy was done in consideration of the principles that underlie the energy

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