Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Importance of Public Speaking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Importance of Public Speaking - Essay Example The orators could entertain their listeners in a number of ways such as taking the help of humor, speaking in a sincere manner, using visual aids to add appeal to their speech, adding (or removing) emotions out of their voice and timing the speech in an effective manner. The rate of speech delivery (that is words per minute) should be deliberated so that every person could clearly hear all your words. The speaker should pay attention to his pitch and inflection and work over voice modulation so as to demand highest attention from the audience. Incorporation of vocal variety in speeches is effective mannerism of grabbing audience attention. Pauses also have great significance in speeches and you should know how to successfully use them. While giving us breathing space, pauses also help reinforce the subject matter with the audience- letting them absorb and deliberate over matters of consequence. So, the speaker should use the pause with care drawing out maximum advantage out of it. The voice volume should also be controlled so that everyone in the room hears your voice while you are not sounding loud in their ears. Articulation must be practiced so that every word is spoken with clarity. The words must also be pronounced correctly in the standard order of language. Facial expressions assist in speech delivery. However, you need to choose beforehand which facial expression would suit your speech and practice on it. Finally, the speaker should practice before hand his speech delivery method so that when the day of Speech is an art form that gets better with practice so the speakers should practice the art of speech giving in private as well as in public to master it and become effective public speakers. In the course of speech giving the delivery should be adjusted as and when required so that the message is conveyed to the audience in a clear manner. And lastly, try to make eye contact with your audience

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