Friday, August 30, 2019

Investigating racial awareness and whom it affects in primary schools? Essay

I have carried out an investigation on racism in primary school settings and who these matters may concern. I handed 10 questionnaires to my first placement I only received half back, so I handed another five to a different primary school I am at now these all got completed. In the questionnaire it had 10 questions to find out staffs views and if they feel their school environment provides multi-cultural. I will be showing my results in forms of bar and pie charts and finish of with a conclusion of the overall investigation. I conclude that the teacher, LSA and students who filled the questionnaires in didn’t understand the term multi-cultural and why we need to be aware of it. Introduction: I am carrying out an investigation on race and who racism is affecting within primary schools settings. The main issue of carrying the investigation out is if teachers are coping with racial equality and if qualified staffs are promoting positive images and if they know enough information about this issue for them to be making it aware for children at a young age. I have been looking at my last three placements home corners I think this a good way to see how diverse the school is. I found in my first placement that it was very multicultural it had different coloured dolls, dressing up outfits from around the world and had a variety of foods that are from other countries and religions. The second placement parkway did include celebrations while I was there such as the Chinese New Year but they did not have as much diverse equipment as they need. This investigation is important to me, as I am becoming an early year’s practitioner I would like to find out other people views and opines. Children aged 11-16 year olds are now being taught about Citizen Cyd this covers racism, friendships and even drugs, this is also being introduced to children as young as three years old in my nursery. I will be saying how primary schools can promote positive learning for the children and how teachers could improve they way of learning by having skills to teach diversity. Even if the children in the area of the school where the questionnaires were handed out are all white children there is still need for children to learn about other cultures and religions. This is so when they are older even in secondary school, they show oppression for other peoples cultures and beliefs.

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