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Language Diversity - 1563 Words

P age |1 Janine Wiggill( Student No:30147794) Unit 1: Language as a process Assignment 02 Observe Interview / Exploring language diversity where you live Task 1: Observe your community I live on a farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. I spent three mornings on a building site observing three builders from the local community at work. (please refer to Image 1 below) IMAGE 1 â€Å"SPARAK , HAMILTON AND SIMPHIWE ON A BUILDING SITE IN LIDGETTON, KZN MIDLANDS Prior to spending time observing the men, I approached them and introduced myself to them. I greeted them in isiZulu and I asked if they understood English. One of the three men confirmed that he could communicate in English, and he offered to translate my request to the other two men who†¦show more content†¦Hamilton learnt the basics of English whilst attending school (completed Grade 8). Due to the fact that isiZulu is spoken more widely in KZN, South Africa than Sesotho, it was not as necessary / important for Hamilton to learn how to communicate in Sesotho, as much as it was for Sparak and Simphiwe to learn how to communicate in isiZulu. Why are they acting / behaving in certain ways? During their lunch break on day two, I noticed that Sparak and Simphiwe each had a brightly coloured blanket which they wrapped around their shoulders. They sat down, flat on the grass, and ate thei r lunch (consisting of spinach, potato and â€Å"pap†, which is a stiff, mealie meal), using their fingers to scoop their food into their mouths. No other eating utensils were used. Simphiwe, the younger of the two Sotho’s, treated the older Sparak, with much respect. This was evident when I observed that he waited for Sparak to sit down first, he handed Sparak his lunch, and he fetched water for Sparak to drink. Hamilton joined Sparak and Simphiwe for lunch. However, he sat on a low wooden bench and he didn’t have a bright blanket wrapped around his shoulders. The lunch that Hamilton was eating was samp and beans. (Traditional Zulu meal). Hamilton ate his lunch with a spoon. He did not eat with his hands at all. The three men very willingly offered and shared their lunch with each other. I read up on the manner in which the three men behaved and I learnt the following: It is part ofShow MoreRelatedDiversity Among Children In Language And Development .1797 Words   |  8 PagesDiversity Among Children in Language and Development Children from across the world come to America with their parents to chase the American dream. Their families leave everything behind to provide better future and opportunities for their children. Parents migrate to this country facing many difficult challenges along the way. Society today plays a huge role on how people are viewed based on its family ethnicity or its development. Children have the most tough time adapting to society norms andRead MoreHow Language Demonstrates Diversity Within The United States987 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States varies in diversity, whether it is by race, ethnicity, religion, or culture. In addition, language is another aspect that is considered diverse in the country. There are different dialects that people speak English in throughout the United States. Furthermore, there are numerous factors that influence how one speaks the language. The three factors that will be discussed in this paper are ethnicity, region, and social class. Also, how lan guage demonstrates diversity within the United StatesRead MoreCulture, Language, Ability Diversity924 Words   |  4 Pages Journal Topic: Culture, Language, Ability Diversity There are many different things that you can get from observations. The purpose of observation is to understand the child and their developmental progress. You are able to observe all developmental domains in the classroom. You can observe physical development from fine motor to gross motor activities. You can also see the interactions with peers and adults as well as their interactions with their classroom materials and environment. These interactionsRead MoreCultural Diversity, Language, And Culture1802 Words   |  8 Pagesstages of diversity in Europe, in particular in Germany, altering societies in fundamental ways and challenging the idea of national identity that is closely held by the host nation. Furthermore, the vast majority of the publics are in great fear, that the shared values and norms that ties communities together will be enfeebled permanently if migrants do not adapt to the host country’s culture, language and its identity. In this particular essay, it wou ld critically examine cultural diversity and theRead MoreEssay about Managing Diversity in the Workplace1449 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizations need diversity to become more creative and open to change. Maximizing and capitalizing on workplace diversity has become an important issue for management today (UCSF). Workplace diversity refers to having a variety of different types of people working together within a place of business. Employee gender, race, religion, sexual preference, physical appearance, family or marital status, education, culture, personality, or tenure establishes diversity in the workplace. Diversity is rapidlyRead MoreProposal Plan Part 11149 Words   |  5 PagesHospital I am responsible for 500 employees. I have a proposal that will address what type of staff VS Lecoin s Family Hospital requires, what type of organizational behaviors we should include in the facility toward our staff, workforce diversity, implementing diversity, employee relations, and employee retention plans. I also want to focus on why we should not use outsourcing for this facility. Brief background on the VS Lecoin s Family Clinic and objectives VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital is medicalRead MoreDiversity and Inclusion Paper1085 Words   |  5 PagesThinking About Diversity and Inclusion Paper SOC/315 December 15, 2010 Professor Dr. Lorthridge Introduction This paper will discuss and focus on the four dimensions of diversity: ethnicity, gender, differences in skills, abilities and personality traits and how they have an impact in my workplace. To be able to go further in this paper one should understand the definition of diversity. Diversity is a variety between people associated to factors such as culture, employment status, educationRead MoreHigh-Performance Teams1225 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract The purpose of this paper is to explain how a group can become a high-performance team. The purpose is also to examine the impact of demographic characteristics and cultural diversity on group behavior. This paper will illustrate how demographic characteristics and cultural diversity contribute to or detract from high-performance teams. High-Performance Teams A high-level of performance makes up the basis for groups and teams today. High-performance is a major focus for many organizationsRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility : Baker Hughes1158 Words   |  5 Pagesconditions in locations were Baker Hughes has strong employee presence. Their goal for these donations is that target improvements that in needed in social sectors supporting education, health, youth and culture. Diversity and Inclusion (recruiting, developing, and retaining talent) Diversity and Inclusion are important parts on Baker Hughes. Their high performance culture is based on their core values of interiority, teamwork, performance, and learning. Their four Keys to Success guide our decision-making:Read MoreStrategic Thinking : A Coherent, Integrative And Unifying Framework For Making Decisions1452 Words   |  6 Pagesrelationship between strategy and innovation to initiate change. Innovation will enable the company to find the right approach to enter the new environment which in this case is Miami, FL which is known for its cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. The expanding diversity within this business environment requires a correspondingly wide range of strategic approaches (Goldsmith, 2009). In such an environment, innovation is fostered and not planned because it is sporadic and unpredictable. Nevertheless,

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