Friday, November 1, 2019

The paper will be any of the onw i suggest you to choose Essay

The paper will be any of the onw i suggest you to choose - Essay Example Furthermore, there is a large dog and two dwarves positioned at the background of the picture. Another man has been positioned in the rear of the room who is leaving the room and there is a reflection of Philip IV with his queen Mariana of the Austria. In addition, the paintings of Jean-Baptiste Greuze, â€Å"The Village Bride† is a sentimental and moralizing painting. It is believed to have appealed the bourgeois during the mid 18 century in Paris. According to Facos, this article was initiated during the resentment of aristocratic moral decadences and the impervious attitudes over the rest of the world (Facos 34). The painting depicts a moment of dowry exchange which runs from the hands of the father to that of the bridegroom as recording by the public is undertaken. In the painting the practice is witnessed by the other family members. The most important part of the painting is the middle where we have the exchange of money. More so, the painting depicts that the father is the only person talking while the other family members have been rendered with different emotions and reactions. Furthermore, some family members have been displayed in the little vignette of the painting depicting some gestures. Therefore, any contemp orary viewer can easily connect the drama. In the paintings of Vela’zquez, has been linked to the Baroque illusionism. The real meaning of this style is creation of a world of illusions which is aimed at confusing the boundaries between reality and art. Foucault brings an impression that the artist uses tapestry in several senses, first as a tribute to Titian and Paul Rubens who are remembered as members in the nobility (Foucault 4 ). Furthermore, the use of tapestry evokes emotions and story of a mortal in relation to the gods, mortal was better than gods, this is used as an allegory to the mortal. Therefore, this painting can be referred to as a liberal

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